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Training Excellence still serves as an assessment center for many other Training Providers and Organisations for the following Qualifications:

Asessments can also be done either through RPL or direct assessments on the following Qualifications or Individual Unit Standards

NQF Assement

Assessments are conducted using the following methods: Knowledge assessment Practical application Observation Reflective learning Feedback Process Once assessments have been completed, they are marked, moderated and feedback is prepared for each Learner who is advised of their competence.

If found competent, learner achievements are submitted to the respective SETA’s and are recorded in the National Learner Record Database. If a learner is found Not Yet Competent, an action plan will be provided to the Learner advising the future learning plans and re-assessments.

Assessment Methodology Using the Assessment Manager for FULL Qualifications OR Skills Programs (10 or more Unit Standards) In the world of Work-Based Learning, there is an ongoing drive by organisations to use technology to be more competitive. Training Excellence is, therefore, proud to announce that all Assessments and Moderation at Training Excellence, as of April 2015, will be conducted using a new integrated online system.

Assessment Manager is a complete package that eliminates tedious paperwork, is environmentally friendly and offers the broadest available array of functionality which can be adapted to perfectly support any organisations own unique process for the assessments. In addition, learners typically finish their courses in less time than with a paper-based approach due to the ease of cross referencing, re-use of evidence and rapid evidence creation.

Management are able to view the learner’s progress, which avoids the Assessor having to spend time bringing employers up to date, saving both parties time.

Furthermore, the automated scheduling of activities and appointments means reduced likelihood of missed meetings and reduces time spent scheduling for monthly updates and meetings. Learners will have an individualised home page, listing time critical and new items of work and can track their progression easily, thus driving motivation. In addition, the elimination of ambiguity allows for clearer communication between assessor and learner. With regular auto alerts delivered via email, submission dates are achieved. Because the system is web-based, there is a 24-hour support available via the ‘help-screen’ function, as well as email support.

The visibility of assessment plans with statutory requirements, as well as bespoke guidance notes and feedback, provides the best possible support for the learner, therefore helping them to create better evidence, first time. In addition, because the learner participates in the process, they are encouraged to take greater ownership of their learning.

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Training Excellence offers distinctive behavioural profiling and assessment solutions in order to improve and enhance overall work performance and productivity of the individual and/or team at any level in your organisation. Our unique and 21st century profiling tools enables us to accurately measure how people process and use information – thus knowing their thinking preferences and Driving Dynamics – and therefore determine how they will behave in the workplace.

These preferences and driving Dynamics are indicative of how successful and efficient an individual or team will be in their productivity and performance in the work place. This can be used very effectively to improve recruitment and selection activities or enhance current performance of existing individuals and/or teams.

We use these solutions to guide organisations, leaders, coaches and team Managers with:

  • Individual profiling and coaching;
  • Team behavioural profiling, development and coaching;
  • Recruitment and selection;
  • Organisational, culture and team surveys;
  • Leadership and team cohesion;


Coaching It is important to understand that a behavioural assessment does NOT measure personality, but rather measures the factors that drive behaviour, as well as the natural, observable and adapted behaviours of an individual.

Ultimately, it is their internal thinking preference that drives behaviour which results in performance – high or low. The average personality assessment instrument tags and boxes the individual into predetermined boxes and leaves you with the impression that you are unable to change. This is what makes our assessment solutions unique –they are not psychometric assessments nor personality measurements– they are MANAGEMENT TOOLS.

Through these behavioural profiling solutions, we can accurately measure how people process and use information, behave, and know what their preferred thinking preferences and driving Dynamics are to make them successful in a specific role or position.


  • Measuring Organisational Health / Human Capital Balance Score Card (HCBSC)
  • Measuring Employee Engagement Measuring Personal Driving Dynamics (PDD)
  • Measuring Thinking Preferences IWAM
  • Measuring Language and Behaviour Profiling (LAB) -How we communicate
  • Measuring Learners Personality, Learning Styles and Career Choices

Producer of the World Leading Reality Check EcoMetric™ Scientifically Validated Business Imperatives.

An Integrated Map of Human Relationships in the Working Environment

Imagine… Understanding your Personal Driving Dynamics within a specific work environment.

Imagine… Getting acknowledged, understood and respected for who you are. Making full use of what naturally drives you.

Now Imagine… Having the information to unlock your DNA and work with what makes you tick – every Day.

INTRODUCING, REALITY CHECK: Training Excellence partnered with Reality check in 2015. Reality Check started in 2005 and has worked with many different companies.

The Reality Check EcoMetric™ is a technology-based management tool that provides management with an accurate metric on the organisational health of their employees. The results of this metric have wide applications including:

  • Leadership Development.
  • Talent Management.
  • Increased Productivity.
  • Creation of exceptional understanding, awareness and communication between employees.
  • Recruitment.
  • Conflict Resolution.
  • Succession Planning.

The Reality-Check EcoMetric™, is a powerful internet based management resource with the backing of over 28 years of research and development in the fields of study known as Ecology and EcoMetric, the quantification of human behaviour within a defined and specific environment.

Contact us for more details on this phenomenal Management Tool,

IWAM Assessments

The Inventory for Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM) is a UNIQUE forty-item online questionnaire based on a model of cognitive thinking styles which help an organisation to identify an individual’s thinking preference (also referred to as attention filters, cognitive styles or metaprograms). We measure a total of 48 parameters.

With iWAM, one can predict what motivates a person, their work attitude, how they prefer to communicate, and how they prefer to act in their work context. iWAM allows the organisation to account for individual preferences and to value each person for their strengths. Using iWAM will help an organisation make better use of the human potential of its workforce, because you understand behaviour and know how it drives individual performance.

IWAM Application

  • Recruiting and screening for employment
  • Team management and development
  • Organisational culture (e.g. for Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Succession planning
  • Conflict management
  • Coaching and Development

Target Population

iWAM has been developed for and used with the full range of employees—from executives to front-line staff and across myriad roles from operations to sales and service. Successful employment applications range from hiring interns and staff for summer jobs, assessment centres for middle managers, building models of excellence for sales representatives, and screening partners in law firms.

Time Allocation

On average, completing iWAM takes 30 minutes. At Training Excellence, we provide a 60-minute feedback session by a trained iWAM professional.


iWAM is available in more than 14 languages and in more than 20 countries around the world.


IWAM is being stringently assessed for construct validity, face validity, test and re-test validity and reliability. In various studies the validity was rated 90%, representing a high validation of the accuracy of the various iWAM reports available. Unique to this assessment is its construction for detecting inconsistent and falsified answers.

Contact us for more details on behaviour profiling assessments, coaching and Models of Excellence for your organisation.

The Language and Behaviour Profile

As humans we are constantly making guesses about what another person is thinking, feeling or wanting. And in most instances we have to admit that we were wrong.

That is why you need to be skilled in the art of reading and understanding people. This will make your interaction with them much more effective.

This art of reading people, predicting their behaviour and then influencing them as well as talking to them in their language can be learned and developed – and that is specific what The LAB Profile focus on.

The LAB Profile is an interactive behavioural analysis tool used to do behavioural profiling directly during interpersonal interactions, whether one-on-one or within a group.

The LAB Profile Certification Training enables you to accurately and masterfully “read and figure out people” and to communicate with greater precision by listening to, and observing everyday language and behaviour during a structured interview process.

Many people and organisations all over the world are now using this tool in:

  • Consulting,
  • Customer service,
  • Sales prospect profiling,
  • Client and/or opposition profiling,
  • Marketing,
  • Negotiations,
  • Communication training, influencing & persuasive training,
  • Inter-personal relationships,
  • Partnership matching,
  • Recruitment and selection,
  • Coaching & Mentoring,
  • Leadership development,
  • Team development,
  • Composition of high performance teams,
  • Change management,
  • Diversity, and
  • Conflict resolution.

Contact us to get more details on an in-house training course or consultation with our in house LAB Profiling Practitioners

Dermatoglyphics Test/DNAg2 Programme

Training Excellence partnership with Aashiya Skills Assessment Centre in Dubai allows us to offer the DNAg2 assessment to our clients internationally.

Founded by Dr. Dino Wong in Malaysia, DNAg2 is a comprehensive fingerprint analysis system based on dermatoglyphics. The word dermatoglyphics is derived from the ancient Greek word “derma”, which means skin and glyphs which means carving. Since 1823, scientists have discovered that there is a high correlation between fingerprints (Dermatoglyphics) and the brain’s innate multiple intelligences. In other words, dermatoglyphics is like a map that leads us to discover and explore our inborn intelligence.

The DNAg2 assessment is based upon individual biometric traits that one is born with. The purpose of the assessment is to understand how fingerprints are linked to the brain’s cortex structure, functions and preferred method of learning.

Following an initial fifteen-minute session with the qualified DNAg2 fingerprint capture analyst, one is able to receive an in-depth explanation about his/her innate aptitude and as a result to maximize one’s potential to succeed.

What do I get out of this analysis? 

A detailed 36-page report is generated following the dermatoglyphics assessment. Some of the highlights include:

  • Your fingerprint types and its dominant characteristics
  • Your prevailing inborn personalities and behaviours
  • The superiority of your brain’s cortex structure, functions and learning
  • Detailed evaluation of your child’s brain core structure and analysis of his/her 10 innate and 8 multiple intelligences
  • What are your easily acquired intelligence (Strengths) and easily neglected intelligence (Weaknesses)
  • Your preferred learning sense, style and methodology (Auditory, Visual, Kinaesthetic)
  • Brain Dominance (Right, Left or Neutral), Inborn speed (Fast, Healthy and Slow Learner) and Potential for learning
  • Analysis of 4 quotients (Intelligences Quotient -IQ, Adversity Quotient -AQ, Emotional Quotient -EQ and Creative Quotient -CQ)
  • How to build upon your innate strengths and core competencies
  • Recommendation and enhancement guidelines
  • Educational choices and Career paths that are most suitable for you based upon your inborn aptitude and potential

This service is most beneficial to individuals, children, parents, educators and training instructors, as the report provides an in-depth analysis of the individual’s preferred methods of Learning Styles and communication.

How do I get started? 

Contact us to book an appointment for your child’s biometrics and fingerprint data capture session

  • The fingerprint capture session will take approximately 20 minutes or less
  • We will arrange a follow-up appointment for the analysis and consultation session

Contact us for more information