Our Assessment Methodology

Outcomes based Assessments for Unit Standard Based Training or Full Qualifications on the SAQA


Outcomes are focused on skills, knowledge and behaviour. Assessments are conducted using the following methods:

  • Knowledge assessment
  • Practical application
  • Observation
  • Reflective learning


Feedback Process


Once assessments have been completed, they are marked, moderated and feedback is prepared for each Learner who is advised of their competence. If found competent, learner achievements are submitted to the respective SETA’s and are recorded in the National Learner Record Database.

If a learner is found “Not Yet” Competent, an action plan will be provided to the Learner advising the future learning plans and re-assessments.

Assessment Methodology Using the Assessment Manager

Training Excellence uses the latest online assessment management software to manage all our Qualifications and Skills Programs that comprises of 10 or more Unit Standards.

In the world of Work-Based Learning, there is an ongoing drive by organisations to use technology to be more competitive. Training Excellence is therefore proud to announce that all Assessments and Moderation at Training Excellence, as of April 2015, is conducted using an integrated online system.

Assessment Manager is a complete package that eliminates tedious paperwork, is environmentally friendly and offers the broadest available array of functionality which can be adapted to perfectly support any organisations own unique process for the assessments.

In addition, learners typically finish their courses in less time than with a paper based approach due to the ease of cross referencing, re-use of evidence and rapid evidence creation.

Management are able to view the learner’s progress, which avoids the Assessor having to spend time bringing employers up to date, saving both parties time. Furthermore, the automated scheduling of activities and appointments means reduced likelihood of missed meetings, and reduces time spent scheduling for monthly updates and meetings.

Learners will have an individualised home page, listing time critical and new items of work and can track their progression easily, thus driving motivation. In addition, the elimination of ambiguity allows for clearer communication between assessor and learner. With regular auto alerts delivered via email, submission dates are achieved. Because the system is web-based, there is a 24-hour support available via the ‘help-screen’ function, as well as email support.

The visibility of assessment plans with statutory requirements, as well as bespoke guidance notes and feedback provides the best possible support for the learner and helps them to create better evidence from the very onset. In addition, the learner participates in the process and is encouraged to take greater ownership of their learning.