A learnership is a structured learning program for unemployed people as well as employed staff of an organization that combines both classroom learning and practical workplace learning. This programme leads to a Qualification on the National Qualification Framework (NQF) that is registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Learnerships are governed by the Skills Development Act (Act 97 of 1998), by a number of subsequent regulations and by the policies and procedures of the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs).

Learnerships are aimed at establishing  an effective system within the organisation that would assist with the continuous training and development of the learner to give them practical work experience as well as for those that are employed but still requiring more skills in their field of work

Learnerships empower workers with the necessary skills to ensure that they are well trained, qualified and marketable thus making them employable.

Learners participating in a learnership with Training Excellence will attend classes at our venue in order to complete classroom based learning, and then go to the workplace to complete the on-the-job training. The workplace experience is always relevant to the qualification.

Characteristics of a learnership
  • Integrates both theory and workplace learning with a ratio of approximately 30%:70%  Which leads to a qualification on the National Qualification Framework (NQF)
  • Plays a vital role in preparing a person for occupational competency.
  • Creates the necessary skills development opportunities for previously disadvantaged groups.
  • The structured learning programme of a learnership can assist employers in developing a well-trained and committed workforce.
  • Staff members are trained towards a nationally recognised qualification and this may lead to more motivated and dedicated employees.
  • Employers get to know and assess learners and have the opportunity to screen them for permanent employment without the obligation to employ them.
  • Financial benefits in the form of tax deductions and SETA grants.
Benefits for the organisation
  • Increased skills in the workplace leading to improved performance levels.
  • Higher staff retention.
  • Becoming an Employer of first choice.
  • Entitlement to apply for a discretionary grant from the SETA Economic growth and development.
Benefits for employees/learnerships
  • Obtain a nationally recognised qualification upon successful completion of the learnership programme.
  • Practical relevance experience that will lead to improved performance and productivity.
  • Increased opportunities leading to fast-tracked development and better marketability and better employment prospects.
  • Gain practical know-how for entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Opportunity to progress onto a higher level learnership for personal growth and development.
Who can benefit from a learnership?
  • The target groups for learnership programs include existing employees who want to acquire a formal qualification and unemployed youth who want workplace experience.
Success of a Learnership
  • Success of all our learnerships are measured in terms of actual skills that the learner acquires after each program.
  • A Learner is taught why and how things are done and must understand the theory that supports the practice.
  • Learnerships will also help the delegates to improve their basic literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Training Excellence will Go beyond this to ensure readiness for the workplace Training Excellence has many years’ experience in managing and successfully running learnership programs for prestigious companies like VW, Mercedes Benz, T-systems, SPAR, Scaw Metals, etc.

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Training Excellence's success stories
  • RANDWATER –/+ 2500 Learners on End User Computing Skills Program – 2003 to date
  • SCAW Metals – 120 Learners over a three year period on End-User Computing Skills Programs – 2006 – 2009
  • SPAR –2010 – 7 Learners- IT Technical Support
  • VW SA – 2009 – 60 Learners – End-User Computing Qualification
  • VW SA – 2010 – 60 Learners – End-User Computing Qualification
  • VW SA – 2011 –60 learners -Business Administration NQF Level 3
  • VW SA 2012 – 50 Learners -Business Administration NQF Level 4
  • T-Systems SA -2010-2016 – 1000 Learners over Four major IT qualifications
  • Mercedes Benz SA –2011-2012-30 Learners- Business Administration – NQF Level 3- 4
  • Mercedes Benz SA –2013-2015-30 Learners- Generic Management – NQF Level 5

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