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Training Excellence


Business Enhancement Skills

Assertiveness Training for Managers / Assertiveness Training for Women in Business / Assertiveness Training / and more...

Finance and Accounting

Financial Awareness for Non-Financial Managers / Financial Awareness for Non-Financial Persons / Financial Forecasting / and more...


Information and Communication Technology

MS Word Basic-Advanced / MS Windows / MS Project Basic-Advanced / MS PowerPoint Basic-Advanced / MS Outlook Basic-Advanced
and more...

Office and Administration Support

Management Skills for Administrative Professionals / Managing Chaos for Administrative/Secretarial Professionals / Organising Your Work - Administrative Professionals / and more...

Communication Skills

 Assertiveness Training for Managers / Assertiveness Training for Women in Business / Assertiveness Training / and more...

Marketing Skills

Fundamentals of Marketing / Getting Professional - Customer Service Excellence / Marketing for Non-Marketers / and more...

Leadership Skills

The Voice of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire, Influence and Achieve Results / Executive Presence for Women / Create a Respectful Workplace Improve Morale, Increase Productivity and Achieve Business Goals and more...

Management and  Supervisory skills 

Business boot camp management and leadership essentials / Mastering the fundamentals of day-to-day management / Managing effective face-to-face meetings / Management skills for a new supervisor and more...


Human Resources

Recruitment analysis Professional / Performance and competency development program / Balance scorecard program and more...

Strategic Planning

Facilitating an Effective Strategic Planning Session /  Fundamentals of Strategic Planning / Strategic Planning / and more...

Customer Service

Recruitment analysis Professional / Performance and competency development program / Train the trainer and more...


Training Excellence has over 16 years’ business success providing Training and Assessment Services to leading corporate sectors and institutes in South Africa. Our international facilitators also have 20+ years Training & Consulting Experience and 5-years International Experience with partners in the Middle East including UAE and India.

Training Excellence is a company built on the synergies of expertise, experience and hard work, which inevitably lead toward successful training, satisfied employers and employees.

Our proven past performance and satisfied long term clients speak volumes of our claim to be the leading choice for your training & development needs in both the public and private sectors.

Training Excellence has its corporate office in Johannesburg South Africa. We pride our global presence with our partners:

  • Prime Education Centre (PEC) in the UAE Sharjah;
  • ARC Management Consultants in UAE Dubai;
  • Executive-Women UAE, Dubai (Training Division)
  • Middle Earth HR (MEHR) in India & Carlton Advanced Management Institute (CAMI) USA for all our Human Resources related Courses;
  •  Indian Institute of Higher Technologies (IIHT) in India for all Technical IT related Courses.

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